Achievement and SIP

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Woodroffe is committed to academic and personal excellence for all our students. Our students perform very well academically and are encouraged to develop into happy contributing members of society. Student success is not only measured by their strong academic achievement but also by their personal well-being and happiness.

Progress in reading is assessed at least twice each year. The GB+ (French) and PM Benchmark (English) assessment tools are individual reading tests used to measure developing fluency and reading comprehension in our primary students. The CASI and ERPI are written group tests used to gather evidence of reading comprehension in the junior grades. Our Kindergarten teachers use the ELOT to measure progress in early literacy skills.

Assessment and evaluation are ongoing processes, which enable teachers to diagnose individual needs, to plan and assess program, and to measure a student’s achievement according to a specified standard. A progress report is sent home in early November and report cards are issued in early February and late June, for students in grades 1-6. In many classes, students create a portfolio of work generated throughout the year. The portfolios are shared with parents in a student-led conference, to keep children involved in communicating about their progress and planning for future success. The community of students, teachers, and parents works together to make this event significant and successful. The results of EQAO Primary and Junior Assessments (grades 3 and 6) indicate strong academic achievement in reading, writing and mathematics. Our junior students write various math tests such as Pythagoras in Grade 6 as an enrichment activity.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

Woodroffe Avenue has an ongoing process for school improvement. The School Improvement Plan demonstrates commitment to excellence, lifelong learning, and continuous improvement. The School Council plays an important role in supporting school improvement.

Our Overall Goal for this school year:

Through the use of critical thinking challenges, students will improve in their ability to respond to and evaluate a variety of different texts (e.g., spoken, written, graphic) based on standards of criteria, and demonstrated by the indicators of success. This goal for 2018-2019 encompasses expectations in the arts (music, drama, visual arts, dance), in mathematics, and in language arts (oral communication, reading, writing, media literacy). In particular, this year’s goal focuses on the identification and use of criteria to make decisions and on the communication of those criteria when justifying a position or point of view.

We will still be addressing past initiatives such as:

  • Literacy: Improving Reading, Comprehension and Writing Strategies Instruction.
  • Math: Problem Solving Skills.
  • Supporting the well-balanced child: healthy body, healthy mind.

Woodroffe School Council has a strong tradition of being involved with the arts. Artists from different fields and backgrounds are invited into the school to give performances and work with students. School Council also supports a strong and enriching multicultural focus in the performances offered.

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